Wallach Surgical Devices, Inc. is a medical instrument company specializing in the design and manufacture of diagnostic and therapeutic products primarily for in-office use. The core group of Wallach Surgical Devices' products are in the field of women's health care. Selected products are manufactured for other specialties such as Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, Dental and Veterinary.

It all began in 1971, when company founder and CEO Ron Wallach decided he could build a better mousetrap. His invention of the first non-electric cryosurgical instrument in the basement of his home popularized cryosurgery. By using the recompressed refrigerant to warm the cryoprobe after freezing, Wallach was able to eliminate the electronic components that had made previous cryosurgical instruments bulky and prone to breakdowns.

Refinements of that primitive device led to his founding Cryomedics, a company that is now one of Wallach's competitors. When that company was
eventually sold to a large conglomerate, Rorer Group, Ron decided he would build
a new business from the ground up, using his expertise in medical engineering research and years of experience working with physicians. In 1980, he founded Wallach Surgical Devices, Inc,. with the help of just two coworkers.
Wallach Surgical today employs a full staff of 50 at the home office in Orange, CT, as well as a nationwide network of over 40 sales and service representatives. Though the company has faced stiff early competition from its rivals in the market, it now boasts a healthy annual rate of growth.

All Wallach products are available through local dealers for optimum service and convenience. Included are a broad range of cryosurgical instruments for gynecological and general or specialized uses, as well as colposcopes used in gynecology & operating microscopes used in other specialties.

In keeping with current technological developments, Wallach has introduced a new electrosurgical unit and accessories for the loop excision procedure, In addition, Wallach has developed a disposable cervical cell collector and an endometrial cell sampler